Rural Cancer Disparities Project

The goal of the Rural Cancer Disparities Project is to reduce disparities in the cancer burden experienced in rural communities served by the University of Wisconsin Carbone Cancer Center.  Our primary objective is to expand culturally appropriate community outreach to patients, providers and community organizations in these communities.

Project staff participate in the National Cancer Institute’s National Outreach Network, which provides funding support (3P30CA014520-38S2).

Current activities include:

Outreach and Education Efforts

  • Promote Cancer Clear & Simple in community and clinical settings

  • Provide Cancer Clear & Simple training and support active facilitators

  • Coordinate ongoing quality improvement of Cancer Clear & Simple


Identify and advance cancer-related research opportunities in partnership with rural communities

  • Support the development and conduct of community-based participatory research projects


Strengthen Linkages with National Cancer Institute (NCI) programs

  • Disseminate cullturally appropriate, health literacy informed information through appropriate venues


Conduct ongoing assessment of rural health assets, needs, and inequities

  • Develop plans, implement projects, and assess results to address identified needs


Promote reduction of cancer related health disparities in rural communities in collaboration with the UW Carbone Cancer Center and the School of Medicine and Public Health


For more information, please contact Cody Fredrick, Community Health Educator and Rural Project Coordinator, at 608-262-6484 or