Student Testimonials

Sarah Brown

 Sarah Brown, SMPH Class of 2017, shares her experiences being a MD-MPH student at the UW School of Medicine and Public Health while working at CHDI to cultural adaptation and pilot El cáncer claro y sencillo with the local Latino community in Dane county.


Bryan Hall

I sought a post-baccalaureate opportunity with CHDI to gain experience in public health and community-based research while applying for medical school. My time with the CHDI team would end up impacting much more than just my understanding of public health. CHDI provided me with leadership opportunities where I learned how to engage and grow partnerships with community organizations, present data to the community, and lead and facilitate meetings—all activities that relate to my personal career goals as a physician. The mentorship I received through CHDI was a crucial piece of my post-bac experience. I honestly believe that my time at CHDI contributed to my success in being accepted to 6 different medical schools.  My principle project was developing summaries of local cancer data for the tribal communities of Wisconsin. I cannot stress the importance of making sure this type of research is conducted in a good way that honors each tribes’ sovereignty. Through my mentorship at CHDI I was taught how to engage honestly and effectively with the tribal communities.