African American Program

The African American Program is a culturally competent education initiative designed to increase cancer awareness and improve screening practices among African Americans.

Current activities include:

Cancer Clear & Simple

We disseminate culturally adapted cancer educational tools for use in outreach activities. Cancer Clear & Simple is a set of educational materials about cancer that incorporate health literacy principles and are designed to build knowledge and improve health related decision-making. Cancer Clear & Simple consists of a 3-part educational intervention model:

  • Cancer Information Sheets
  • Questions to Ask Your Doctor
  • Healthy Tips & Ideas

Community Advisory Board (CAB)

We support the community advisory board. The CAB helps to advise CHDI staff on implementation of cancer education activities, promotion and advancement of cancer education activities within the community, and assists in identifying community needs and potential research questions.

Identify Research Opportunities

We identify potential disparities research opportunities based on outreach activities and develop partnerships between interested faculty, the CAB, community organizations and community members. Topics may include formative assessment, screening quality improvement interventions, quality improvement in men’s cancers and clinical trials participation.

Contact Us

For more information, please contact Erin Bailey, Community-Based Researcher, at 608-890-3174 or