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Cancer, Clear & Simple (CC&S) is a set of educational materials about cancer. CC&S includes a curriculum, Facilitator Guide and educational handouts. All CC&S materials incorporate health literacy principles and are designed to build knowledge and improve health-related decision-making. CC&S was originally developed for use in rural communities. CC&S has also been adapted for use with other populations and is currently available for Rural, African American, and Latino populations.

*Please note we are in the process of updating our materials to include the most recent guidelines.

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The CC&S curriculum consists of three related, but distinct education modules: Cancer Basics, Cancer Prevention and Cancer Screening. Each module provides culturally appropriate, accessible information while incorporating a limited number of medical concepts and vocabulary. The modules can be used for either group or individual education.

Cancer Basics

Cancer Basics introduces information about what cancer is and how it spreads, and explains common cancer-related medical words. This section also presents common responses to receiving a cancer diagnosis, as well as ways to provide support.

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Cancer Prevention & Self-Care

The Cancer Prevention & Self-Care module discusses the importance of self-care and healthy choices. Participants will be able to identify cancer risk factors and ways to help prevent cancer.

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Cancer Screening & Detection

This module reinforces the importance of early detection. The module highlights recommended screening exams that can prevent or detect cancer early. Participants are also provided with questions to ask their doctor about cancer screening.

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The handouts are one-to-two-page health education tools on a specific topic. Over 40 handouts have been developed and they are available in three types: Cancer Information, Questions to Ask Your Doctor and Healthy Tips & Ideas. The handouts reinforce the same health promotion messages from the CC&S curriculum and can be used either independently or in conjunction with the curriculum.

Rural adaptation >>
African American adaptation >>
Latino adaptation (in spanish) >>

Facilitator Guide

The Facilitator Guide is a manual for individuals delivering educational sessions using the CC&S curriculum. The Guide discusses basic adult learning principles, provides information on how to plan an educational session and includes a step-by-step guide to the curriculum. The Guide also provides pre-/post-tests, evaluations, facilitator forms and information about additional resources.

Please contact Cody Fredrick at for more information about the Facilitator Guide.

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