CC&S – African American Adaptation


*Please note we are in the process of updating our materials to include the most recent guidelines.

Cancer Basics

PDF opens in new tab. Cancer Basics introduces information about what cancer is and how it spreads, and explains common cancer-related medical words. This section also presents common responses to receiving a cancer diagnosis, as well as ways to provide support.

Cancer Prevention

PDF opens in new tab. The Cancer Prevention & Self-Care module discusses the importance of self-care and healthy choices. Participants will be able to identify cancer risk factors and ways to help prevent cancer.

Cancer Screening

PDF opens in new tab. This module reinforces the importance of early detection. The module highlights recommended screening exams that can prevent or detect cancer early. Participants are also provided with questions to ask their doctor about cancer screening.

Facilitator Guide

Please contact Erin Bailey at for more information about the Facilitator Guide.

More Materials

Dane County African American Project

This education initiative is designed to increase cancer awareness and improve screening practices among African Americans in Dane County, Wisconsin.

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Prostate Cancer Initiative

The Prostate Cancer Initiative is designed to engage African American men in prostate health as well as support prostate cancer survivors in the community.

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Dane County African American Cancer Profile

This report compiles information about cancer outcomes as well as health determinants for African Americans and Whites in an effort to reduce disparities in the cancer burden experienced by African Americans in Dane County.

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Trends in Cancer Disparities

Now in its third edition, this report provides information about trends in cancer incidence and mortality for all cancers.

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