Wisconsin County Cancer Profiles

The County Cancer Profiles provide a user-friendly overview of each county’s cancer outcomes and risk factors as well as other determinants of health. The profiles are intended to increase awareness and promote thoughtful discussions about cancer’s impact on communities throughout Wisconsin. They can also be used to frame community-level assessments and strategic planning initiatives.

In 2016, CHDI staff prepared an update to the 2013 County Cancer Profiles with the latest available data.

NOTE: In 2016 we diverged from previous practice and for the “All Cancers” Rate of Cancer New Diagnoses, we included in situ (pre-invasive) in addition to invasive cancers. If you would like to see an “All Cancers” rate for only invasive cancers, please go to https://www.cancer-rates.info/wi/ and select “Invasive Cancer Incidence” in the Data Source box.

Click on the links below to view the 2016 profile for each county (listed alphabetically), or view the 2011 or 2013 reports: