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Rural Program

The Rural Program was developed in 2011 with support from the National Cancer Institute’s National Outreach Network, which continues to fund CHDI’s Community Health Educator. Preliminary efforts focused on a community health assessment of 14 rural counties.

Adams County was the first community we partnered with. This resulted in the formation of the Adams County Cancer Awareness Team (ACCAT) and the original development of Cancer Clear & Simple. We have since built relationships across the state and continue to support local CC&S facilitators. Our primary objective is to expand culturally appropriate community outreach to patients, providers and community organizations in these communities.

Ongoing Efforts

Outreach, education, and support to promote Cancer Clear & Simple in community and clinical settings.

Identify and advance cancer-related research opportunities in partnership with rural communities.

Promote reduction of cancer related health disparities in rural communities in collaboration with the UW Carbone Cancer Center and the School of Medicine and Public Health.

Disseminate NCI-related information and research opportunities to help improve cancer control and reduce cancer burden. Chair the National Outreach Network’s Rural Work Group of Community Health Educators.

Project staff participate in the National Cancer Institute’s National Outreach Network, which provides funding support (3P30CA014520-41S2).

For more information, please contact Cody Fredrick, Community Health Educator and Rural Program Coordinator, at 608-262-6484 or cfredrick@uwcarbone.wisc.edu.